Introducing TrackItLog… the Track “Anything” Software

Ever lend out a hand-truck to a resident or an access key to a vendor? With USPSI Online’s introduction of TrackItLog you can keep a tally of who has what and it will let them know to return it when it’s due. Using the technology developed for PackageLog, an innovation in inbound package management, USPSI Online has created a “track anything” software for anyone who gives the responsibility of a thing to someone else.

How is this useful?

Due to TrackItLog’s ability to keep track of anything for any period of time, this can be specifically useful in managing keys that go out vendors, appliances assigned to apartments, movies or books loaned to residents, or anything else that you own that is placed in the care of another person.

Like PackageLog, TrackItLog is online and responsive which means it works on any device (desktop, tablet, mobile, etc.) that has access to the Internet. It also has permission-based users, SMS (text-message) notifications, condition status, and a whole suite of other options, which give TrackItLog lots of flexibility. Take it for a spin for the next 45-days free, with no obligation and no long-term contracts.

How TrackItLog can be used to manage appliances on property:

What if you could look at a simple report that identified the condition of every appliance on site to determine which need repair and which need replacements? What if you could also see the history of that item including previous repairs, warranty information, condition changes between residents, and more? TrackItLog not only tracks item usage, but also can be updated with any action taken with that appliance.

Lets say you updated an apartment with a new microwave. After replacing the microwave you can easily update the notes of that microwave with warranty information to avoid maintenance cost for future repairs. If and when those repairs eventually happen, the system can be updated with the maintenance issue and the contact information of the repair service. If the microwave was in New condition on move-in and updated to Fair condition on move-out, it would be easy to determine who is responsible for covering that cost. Since TrackItLog is an online solution, all updates can be done onsite from staff and accessible immediately from your desk or mobile device.

Need to audit property assets?

Organize your assets in TrackItLog by condition and see the condition of all assets on property. This gives you a quick glance of what needs to be replaced and repaired without needing to review files or do any complicated research.

Want to learn more?

Schedule a demo today and we can get you started with no obligation to see for yourself that this is the solution you need. You can set-up your free trial HERE and a representative will contact you right away to get you on your way.

If you have anything you would like to add, please leave a comment – we’d love to hear from you.

TrackItLog is a cloud-based asset management software (integrated asset tracking system) designed for ease of use and streamlining productivity. | 1-855-PACK-LOG

USPSI Online is a US Postal Solutions Company

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