Log Packages in Seconds with Ease

21 Packages X (number of recipients) = ???

Did you know that the average student receives 21 packages per year? A typical facility will average 800 beds, so now you’re dealing with 16,800 packages per year with just one facility. Day in, day out, you find yourself or your department (if your lucky) manually logging in packages for hours. A time consuming task, and in todays economy time = money, so the more time your lose… you get the picture.

What Are The Options?

A few exist out there, but they each have their limitations both in scope and capability. Enter PackageLog – a fully cloud-based package management solution, developed by the mail management experts at US Postal Solutions. Just for clarity, US Postal Solutions has decades of experience in mail management with clients nationwide and has used their knowledge and research to create the most powerful package tracking software that is simple to use. You can visit them at their Facebook Page and “Like” them if you like what you see. They get nothing but rave reviews from clients saying things like:

“Love the mail manager…”

– JP, Property Manager

“Staff always go above and beyond with customer service…”

– KS, Housing Manager

Its Friggin’ Free to Try

Save time and money, increase productivity, and provide a greater service to your residents.Try it for 30 days ABSOLUTELY FREE!!! Now this is what I’m talking about. There is nothing to download, nothing to install, intuitively designed to minimize training, and on one of the most secure servers online today. Did I mention that its lightyears ahead of the competition? It literally takes just seconds to log in or out any packages. Why, because it was developed by pros who know what you need, because its what they needed too.

What’s In It For Me?

So back to 16,800 packages I mentioned earlier… lets estimate about 4-6 minutes for processing each one, which equals 1,400 hours of work (not taking into consideration resident issues, parent calls, or missing packages – that of course, NEVER HAPPENS). At $9 per hour for a single employee, that will cost you about $12,600 per year. PackageLog comes to around $3 per day… thats a 75% savings!!! Sound interesting now?!

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PackageLog is a cloud-based package management software designed for ease of use and streamlining productivity. Adding PackageLog will increase your net income through efficiencies and is an expenditure that will actually produce an immediately visible return.Package Management Solved!

PackageLog, LLC is a US Postal Solutions Company

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